Dorm History

Constructed in 1981, Pasquerilla East Hall is named after Frank and Sylvia Pasquerilla. Their donation funded the construction of two dorms and the ROTC building, Pasquerilla Center. Today, PE serves as a residence hall for 250 women and is the second hall built with a specific purpose of being a women's dorm AND to have air conditioning! (Pasquerilla West was first, also in 1981). In the 1980s, the dorm was referred as the Pink Elephants to match the hall initials, but the name was changed to the Pyros to claim the title of "hottest dorm on campus."

PE is the mirror image of its sister dorm, Pasquerilla West, as the original plans called for the two L-shaped dorms to be connected by a shared chapel. When that plan was dropped, a common space in PE was converted to Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel, which was beautifully renovated in 2009. To prevent confusion among U.S. Postal Service employees, as well as to further its relationship to PW, PE's four floors are numbered five through eight... this will serve to your benefit when you complain about having to go all the way up to the EIGHTH floor. 
In 2012-13 Pasquerilla East Hall was selected as Women's Hall of the Year by the Hall Presidents' Council.