Executive Council

Pasquerilla East Hall Council is lead by four dedicated women known as the Executive Council, composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These women lead the Hall Council meeting every Tuesday night at 10:00pm in the TV Lounge. They also meet every week, either just as an Executive Council or with all of the Commissioners Council, to plan and organize the amazing events of PE's Hall Council. These women are elected by their peers in March of each academic year and serve from April until March.



Job Description

PE's Hall President is the official representative of PE at the Hall Presidents' Council with the Student Activities Office. The President prepares the monthly "Rockne" overview of the activities of PE and the Hall of the Year application at the end of each year. The President leads the weekly Hall Council meetings and the bi-weekly Commissioners Council meetings.  She is responsible to the Rector and the Assistant Rector working with Hall Council and serves as support to the Commissioners in their event planning.


2015-2016 President - Mary W.

Hello Pryos and welcome to Pasquerilla East Hall! Exec Council warmly welcomes you to the hottest dorm on campus, with what we believe is the best Hall Council! We are so excited to kick off another year with new faces, new events, and new traditions!

My name is Mary and I am serving my second term as PE Hall Council President! I am ecstatic to be able to have this position again and cannot wait to get to know all of you! We have many fun ideas and events planned for this year, so come excited!! Below is an introduction of all of our Exec Council members and then some descriptions of our other positions! We hope you will love it so much and want to join us!

Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA (half hour south of Philly!)

Majors: Science Pre-Professional & Psychology, with a minor in Poverty Studies

Section: 7A

Campus Clubs and Activities: Best Buddies and the Best Buddies Fashion Show, American Medical Women’s Association, Peer Advisor, Notre Dame Haiti Program, FIND (Fostering Internationalism at Notre Dame)

Favorite PE Event: The Lip Sync Battle (our first year)-- I have honestly never laughed that much! And our spicy wing eating contest is always a favorite (I only watch and eat the wings)!

What I am looking forward to next year? Well, obviously, all of my new fun facts at Hall Council!! Come by to hear them!

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life... it would be sushi or ice cream.


Favorite TV Show... I do not really have a favorite TV show because I usually only get through half of a series on Netflix and then switch to another!


You can usually find me in… Club Hes (aka the library), the PE 7th floor lounge, Knott Hall (right next door ladies), or running around the lakes!

My roommate, Alyson, and I have the only two room double in PE (hehe) and we would love for you to stop by! See you so soon!!



Vice President

Job Description

PE's Vice President serves in support of the President and Hall Council.  The VP attends Hall Presidents Council and assists the President with the preparation of the Rocknes.  The VP also supports particular commissioners, meeting with them regularly to discuss Hall activities being planned.  The primary responsibilities of the VP are the designing and sale of PE Hall Apparel each year and serving as the Judicial Commissioner, running the First Year student commissioner elections in September and the Hall Council elections in March.


2015-2016 Vice President - Erin M.

Hometown: Palatine, IL

Major: Business- Accounting

Section: 7A

Campus Clubs: SIBC, Morris Inn Marketing

Favorite PE Event: Can You Take the Heat? -- our spicy wing eating contest! Watching of course..

My dream job would be… The next Erin Andrews.

Most likely to be found binge-watching… Friends.

My spirit animal is…  not the Notre Dame geese, that’s for sure.




Job Description

PE's Secretary works closely with the Hall Council to record the activities of Hall Council each week.  The Secretary publishes PE's weekly "Stall Notes" and sends out the weekly PE Post email. She also supports particular commissioners, meeting with them regularly to discuss Hall activities being planned by those commissionersr.

2015-2016 Secretary - Kathy M.

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Major: Yet to be completely determined, but so far English with a minor in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy

Section: 8Bae

Campus Clubs: Hall Council, The Observer, Iron Sharpens Iron

Favorite PE event: Flag Football, we goin' to the ship

Can't stop watching... The Office, won't stop watching The Office.


I enjoy... long walks on the beach whilst my soulmate feeds me chocolate-covered strawberries.


If I were trapped on a deserted island... I'd make sure to have a never-ending supply of fresh fruit and sour gummy worms (because the DH never seems to have either of those).



Job Description

PE's Treasurer maintains the financial information for the Hall Council and maintains the Hall's budget.  The Treasurer works closely with the Executive Council, Hall Rector and Assistant Rectors to continually evaluate the Hall Council budget and works with the commisioners to plan how they will use their funds.  She supports particular commissioners, meeting with them regularly to discuss Hall activities being planned by those commissioners.  The Treasurer is also in charge of PE's concession stand fundraiser during football season.


2015-2016 Treasurer - Tatiana V.

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Major: Management Consulting

Section: 6A

Campus Clubs: Undergraduate Women in Business, SUB, International Speakers Bureau

My dream job would be...consulting fashion companies on business development and market strategy.

Most likely to be found… doing homework somewhere in LaFun!

I can't stop listening to… Red Hot Chili Peppers/Coldplay/No Doubt/U2