Signature Events

Drip N’ Dodge

    This is PE’s Fall Signature event with all of the Mod Quad Dorms: PW, Siegfried, and Knott! It is a paint dodgeball tournament with teams of 5! Most people wear white and end up with a cool, colorful t-shirt. There are always great prizes for the winning teams. It is a great way to kick off the school year and meet some more Mod Quad students! Look for sign ups!


















SNSA ~ Silent Night Silent Auction
    SNSA is PE’s Christmas Extravaganza! It is a silent auction where we auction off awesome baskets donated by PE girls, people on campus, and the South Bend Community. We also auction off services such as amazing baking skills, piano lessons, or dinner dates! Not only is it a silent auction, but a Christmas celebration! We have cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, ornament decorating, pictures with Santa, and campus a capella and humor groups performing! All of the proceeds go to a charity of PE’s choice! This past year, we raised over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society. Come celebrate the holidays with us and join us at SNSA!

























So You Think You Can Sync? Lip Sync Battle
    This past year, was PE’s first annual Lip Sync Battle in our Spring Semester! Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles? Well, that is it! We had many different groups and solo acts perform such as our very own rector, Mamie, a groups of rectors, a few campus priests, and many student groups. It is one of the funniest events on campus. All of the proceeds go a charity of PE’s choice and this year we were able to donate the funds to the South Bend Homeless Center! Look for tryouts and come to our second annual Lip Sync Battle!

























Can You Take The Heat?
    This is a spicy BWW wing eating contest in honor of PE being the hottest dorm on campus during SUB week of Antostal at the end of the school year! Contestants go through rounds of the second hottest BWW wing and then whoever eats them the fastest goes to the final round of the hottest BWW wings!! But, we also have over 400 free wings for bystanders! It is always a fun spring day event, so look forward to that too!