Welcome to Pyromania!!

    Pyromania is PE’s spirit week in the Spring Semester! It is a week with events every day to celebrate how much Pyros love PE! The week starts with a mass and ends with our Spring Formal. Every year, the events change, but get your red gear ready to celebrate how much Pyros love PE! Look forward to 2016 Pyromania.












2015 Pyromania Events

During the whole week we had a section competition for the most participation with the prize… a pizza party!

  • Trivia Facts at Hall Council with Apparel Prizes


  • Snite at Night for PE~ The museum on campus had a special night just for PE girls!


  • S’more the Merrier Mass with S’mores!


  • Bike to Uganda! Spin classes to benefit an ND club, Building Tomorrow


  • Zumba at Rolfs!


  • Service day in the South Bend community


  • Formal!!