Hall Council Commissions & Events


    Our Athletic commissioners organize all of our Interhall sports, as well as hosting game watches and other fun sporty events! We have game watches at Legends, a Super Sunday (yes, ice cream) Super Bowl watch, and always a crazy March Madness bracket with a prize!


    Pe’s Academic commissioners plan events toward helping our freshman get adjusted to academics at ND such as hosting majors mixers and study abroad info sessions! There are also other fun educational events such as going to Snite at Nite (the museum on campus) and listening to awesome campus speakers!


    Even though we know we are so fortunate to live on a beautiful campus, our Environmental commissioner always helps us do our part! She had two awesome initiatives this past year: making a garden on Mod Quad and having reusable Grab N’ Go bags to save waste!

Gender Relations Center (GRC)

    The GRC Commissioner plans events geared around exploring our relationships with others and ourself! We had an awesome Women’s Dinner this past year with many women “campus celebrities” speak about how they achieved their leadership positions.


    At Notre Dame, we know sometimes there is a bit of a bubble, so we try to bring the world to ND! The Multi-Cultural commissioner helps PE not only explore our own culture and traditions, but other ones outside of ND! We have had dream catcher making lessons, japanese food and dance nights, and origami making!


    Service is a big part of Notre Dame’s mission and atmosphere, and we love doing our part in PE! We have made hats for the newborns at St. Joe’s Hospital, made Thanksgiving cards for those in a local nursing home, and have worked in the outside South Bend community. We love finding out favorite and new charities of PE girls to donate too!


    PE girls are social butterflies in and outside of the dorm! We love meeting new people and having fun social events. PE has mixers, a Halloween trick or treat, and is always looking to collaborate with other dorms! Don’t forget about our dances!


    PE welcomes all faiths into our home! Our Spirituality commissioners have a bible study every week, various prayers throughout the church season, and they host the PE retreat, and other spiritual events!