One of the most exciting and challenging things about college is the transition to living with a roommate. Unless you went to boarding school, you’ve probably never lived with an unfamiliar person before. Whether you’ve lived with siblings all your life, or never had to share a room, living with a roommate will be a fun and new experience.


Some helpful tips:


1)   Email, facebook, tweet, text, call, write, send a carrier pigeon, etc. It’ s really important to get in touch with your roommate and start talking about yourselves, as well as your room. If she takes a little while to respond, don’t fret! They may be traveling or something, just keep trying and be patient.

2)   Send her your filled out copy of the roommate questionnaire! We’ve designed it to help you get to know each other.

3)   Try to plan the setup of your room before you get there. This will make move in day a little less hectic.

4)   Try to save money on the room where you can—it’s not necessary to buy everything for your room brand-new.

5)   Do your best to pack lightly- you don’t want to feel like you are living in a storage unit!

6)   Make sure you exchange contact info with your roommate’s parents, in case of an emergency.

7)   Living with a roommate is quite similar to living with your family—occasionally she will probably step on your toes! Do your best to let the small stuff go.

8)   Be considerate —this is not just your room. It’s important to compromise with each other.

9)   If you are having a problem with your roommate, talk to her about it before talking to a bunch of people in your section.

10) If you are upset with your roommate, make sure you ask yourself what you may be doing to contribute to the problem. Roommate issues are almost always double sided to some degree!


Roommate Questionnaire:




Here is a roommate questionnaire, designed to help start the conversation between you and your roommate(s). We recommend that you type in your answers and email/facebook message it to her/them! A copy of the questionnaire in pdf is available at the bottom of the page.




1)   Where are you from?

2)   What was your high school like? (Big/small, public/private, etc)

3)   What is your family like?

4)   What kind of activities did you do in high school?

5)   What have you been doing this summer?

School: (totally fine if you are undecided!)

1)   What do you plan on majoring in?

2)   Why did you choose that?

3)   What kind of career do you think you’re interested in?

4)   What kinds of activities are you interested in doing at school?


1)   Would you prefer to bunk the beds, or leave them on the ground (bunking makes it easier to have a futon)

2)   If applicable, do you have a strong preference for top bunk or bottom bunk?

3)   Do you want to try to coordinate colors for bedding and the room?

4)   Would you like to have a futon?

5)   Be sure to coordinate with your roommate on who is bringing/buying the futon (if applicable), refrigerator, tv, rug etc. It may be easier to have each person own specific parts of the room rather than splitting costs.

Living style:


1)   Are you an early bird or a night owl?

2)   Do you consider yourself a light sleeper?

3)   Do you drink coffee in the morning (you may want to consider a keurig)

4)   How clean do you keep your room?

5)   Do you like to study in the room or out of the room?

6)   What do you like to do to relax?


1)   Would you describe yourself as quiet or loud?

2)   Introvert or extravert?

3)   If you are upset, do you like to talk about it?

4)   Are you a person who requires alone time?

5)   How would your friends from home describe you?

6)   What’s your pet peeve?


1)   What’s your favorite snack?

2)   What’s your favorite candy?

3)   What’s your favorite color?

4)   What kind of music do you like/ dislike?

5)   What TV shows do you watch?

6)   How would you describe your clothing style?

7)   Is there anything else that you think your new roommate should know?


Here's a link to the questionnaire in pdf form!