Room-Specific Advice

If you have any room set-up questions, don't hesitate to ask!


The majority of the first year students in PE are placed in doubles.  Doubles are 12' x 17'.  They come with a set of three built-in shelves on the exterior wall, a sink, a medicine cabinet, two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, a trash can, a recycling bin, and two built-in wardrobes.  We recommend that you get some sort of carpet for your room as the floor gets very cold in the winter.  8' x 6' and 9' x 7' rugs work nicely in doubles.  There are two options for first year students living in doubles in PE: you may bunk your beds or you may leave them on the floor.  First year students living in doubles in PE may NOT loft their beds.  We recommend that you and your roommates discuss the two options and come to a decision together, preferably before move-in day.  Your room set-up choice will likely affect your furniture choices, so make sure you know what your room set-up will be before you purchase furniture.

If you choose to bunk your beds, you will want to push the beds up against one of the interior walls.  Generally, people put their beds on the side of the room opposite the built-in shelves.  Bunked beds clear up a lot of space in the room, and you will have space for a futon or some chairs.  There will be a little bit of space underneath the beds for storage, but you won't be able to fit tall storage tubs underneath the beds.

If you choose to leave your beds on the floor, you probably won't have room for a futon.  It can be done, but it requires cramming a lot of furniture into one room, and it often makes the room feel very small.  A small chair will fit nicely into a double with both beds on the floor.  Pyros who choose to leave their beds on the floor often get bed risers to create more storage space under the beds.


Some sections in PE have a study room that has been converted into a room which houses three residents. A triple comes with three beds, three desks, three desk chairs, three wardrobes, a trash can, and a recycling bin.  There are a few differences between the triples and the rest of the rooms in PE.  Triples have carpeted floors, so you don't need to worry about purchasing a rug or carpet.  Triples also have ceilings that are a little lower than the ceilings in other rooms.  Triples do not have sinks, so you will need to brush your teeth and clean your dirty dishes in the sinks in the restroom in your section.  Triples have modular furniture, so the wardrobes are not built into the walls like the wardrobes in other rooms.  You can move the wardrobes around the room if you'd like.  Since triples have modular furniture, you can easily loft your bed by placing it on top of your desk and wardrobe.  This creates many possible room set-up options.  Your options are as follows: leave all three beds on the floor, loft all three beds, bunk two beds and loft one, bunk two beds and leave one on the floor, loft one bed and leave two on the floor, or loft two beds and leave one on the floor.

Since there are so many room set-up options, we won't go over specifics for each set-up, but we do have a few suggestions.  If you leave all the beds on the floor, you probably won't have room for a futon.  If you bunk or loft some or all of your beds, you will probably have room for a futon if you want one.  A lot of residents in triples place wardrobes and desks so that the room is divided into two sides with a small opening between the two sides.  Beds are placed on one side and desks and other furniture (futon, chairs, etc.) are placed on the other side.  You may also choose to create a more open layout with all of the furniture along the walls.  Contact your roommates and discuss what layout you plan to use and what furniture, if any, you would like to purchase so that you are not lost on move-in day.


Each quad in PE has three 10' x 12' rooms that are connected to each other with doors.  The two side rooms are used as bedrooms.  Each side room has two built-in wardrobes, two beds, two desks, a trash can, a recycling bin, a medicine cabinet with a mirror, a set of three shelves built into the exterior wall, and a window with a shade.  The middle room is used as a "common room" or a "social room."  Futons, couches, chairs, tvs, refrigerators, small tables, extra storage, etc. are placed in the middle room.  The middle room comes with three shelves built into the exterior wall and a window with a shade.  Though all three rooms have a door to the hallway, residents of quads enter and exit their room only through the middle room.  The doors connecting the side rooms to the hallway are kept locked and unused throughout the year, and furniture is often placed in front of these doors.

There is not enough room in the side rooms to fit both of the beds and both of the desks if the beds are left on the floor.  Since first year students living in quads in PE are not allowed to loft their beds, beds in quads must be bunked.  Pyros who bunk their beds in quads have found that one good way of arranging the furniture in the side rooms is to bunk the beds against the wall that is shared with the middle room, push one desk against the wall between the wardrobes and built-in shelves, and push the other desk against the door to the hallway.