Pyro Facts

Some helpful facts about your home under the dome:

Pasquerilla East Hall Profile

· Established: 1981

· Nickname: Pyros

· Colors: Red & Black

·Location: Mod Quad (short for Modern Quad, which it indeed was back in the eighties when Pasquerilla East, Pasquerilla West,  Knott, and Siegfried Halls were built).  

·Chapel: St. Catherine of Siena Chapel

·Signature Events: Silent Night Silent Auction and So You Think You Can Sync?


Top Ten Reasons Why You Live in the Best Dorm on Campus!

1.     We can welcome you with air conditioning and an elevator. These are some very helpful amenities to have on a hot August move-in day!

2.    We have our own sand volleyball court. It's a great place to show off your skills and make some new friends!

3.    We're near the Center for Social Concerns, North Dining Hall, Hesburgh Library (and ABP!), the ROTC building, the post office in Hammes Mowbray Hall, and Jordan Hall of Science. What a great location!

4.    Elevator lounges (affectionately called E Lounges) are the They're a great place to socialize and "study." There is one connecting the 'A' and 'B' section on floors 6, 7, & 8.

5.    PE has a history of having the best Rectors on campus and some of the most amazing Assistant Rectors (ARs) and Resident Assistants (RAs)! Collectively known as Hall Staff, they are a wonderful source of guidance and encouragement.

6.    PE sponsors two fantastic charity events: the Silent Night Silent Auction (SNSA) in early December and Notre Dame's first and only lip sync battle, So You Think You Can Sync?, during spring semester.

7.    We have a sweet view of the beautiful Stepan Center. Once you get here, you will understand that this reason is dripping with sarcasm. This multipurpose 1960's geodesic dome is used for exams, concerts, club sport practices, and a smattering of other events. 

8.    PE is the only dorm with floors numbered 5, 6, 7, & 8 (rumor has it we have four underground floors). This numbering is used as a convenience for the post office to distinguish between addresses in Pasquerilla West Hall and Pasquerilla East Hall. So Pasquerilla West (aka "P-Dub") is 1,2,3,4 and we pick up with 5,6,7,8.

9.    The dorm is small enough to feel as tight-knit as your mom's crocheted blanket, but large enough to meet new people all the time. It's just right :)

10. The people! Pyros are known for being super friendly, warm (get it?), and welcoming. We can't wait until you bring your unique personality, gifts, and spirit to PE in August!