ND Facts

Things They Forget to Tell Freshmen

  • You will stand up for the whole football game, every football game. (You get to sit at halftime!) We suggest appropriate footwear.
  • Memorize your student ID number. You will need to write it down on exams, various forms, and if you ever forget your ID when swiping in at the dining hall!
  • Know the Notre Dame Victory March and the Alma Mater by heart. The lyrics can be found in the Domer Dictionary.
  • The Huddle's quarter dogs are the best deal you will ever get for your money spent at Notre Dame.
  • You should never have to spend real money on food anywhere. Besides the allotted $380 flex points each semester and 14 meals per week, there are countless opportunities for free food on campus. You just have to search for them!
  • You will immediately have extreme dining hall pride towards either North or South. (This dining hall pride will most likely not affect your decision to steal a tray to go sledding on in the winter.)
  • Caution: People here are ridiculously friendly, and what's more, it's contagious. Symptoms of friendliness include, but are not limited to: opening doors, smiling, and giving salutations. Friendliness is not perilous and is benign, but is frequently contracted to the most severe extent.

ND "Hacks"

Some tips and tricks to make living in your home under the Dome a little easier! 

  • At Cafe de Grasta (conviently located in Grace Hall i.e. 3 steps from PE) if you bring a reusable mug you can get Starbucks brewed coffee cheaper than if you actually went to Starbucks. It's also a great place to grab breakfast on the way to Stepan Center for those early morning exams! 

  • Geddes Hall (the Center for Social Concern) is a fantastic place to study. They even have free coffee and study snacks! 

  • DomerDollars and Flex Points are not the same. Use your Flex Points first! But, make sure you use DomerDollars for laundry. 

  • Almost everything in your room can be fixed with some duct tape, poster putty, and command hooks. 

  • If you have a bike, keep a plastic bag in your bag - that way if it rains you can stay dry! 

  • To save printing points, print multiple pages to one side of paper. 

  • Before buying textbooks at the bookstore check online for a cheaper version or a PDF 

  • There is a noticeable ebb and flow of people in the dining hall. One word of advice: avoid South MWF at 12:20pm and TR at 12:15 pm. 

  • If you have extra meal swipes at the end of the week, go "shopping" at Grab 'n Go and stock up on granola bars and goldfish. But remember you can only swipe into the DH or Grab 'n Go once per meal period (breakfast 7 - 11 am, lunch 11 - 2pm, dinner 4:30 - 8pm) 

  • Download the ND Mobile app to check computer lab availability and laundry availability, sport scores, weather, bus schedules, and of course, dinning hall menus! 

Domer Dictionary

After a few days at Notre Dame, you’ll soon become aware that Notre Dame is a unique place. In fact, Notre Dame students even have their own vocabulary. Although you may be confused at first, in no time, you’ll know exactly what is meant when a student says that “He’s on his way from MCOB to LaFun to get some quarter dogs” or that “She’ll meet you at Stonehenge before the SYR.” Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out soon enough….but just in case you’re curious, we've compiled a list of some of the vocabulary used at ND.

Click here to view the latest edition of the Domer Dictionary!

Distances Around Campus

Hesburgh Library - a studying hot-spot during exams 1 minute walk
Knott Hall - next-door neighbor and the best brother dorm on campus 1 minute skip
D-2 - the best parking lot ever...  2.4 minute stroll
North Dining Hall - the preferred choice for PE ladies  6 minute walk
North Dining Hall (winter) - uh oh...       2 minute power walk
North Dining Hall (cutting through PW)    4 minute stealth walk
South Dining Hall 14 minute walk
South Dining Hall (winter) Not happening
The Stadium 6.33 minute crowd weave
Main Building - a.k.a. the Dome 7.2 minute walk
The Grotto 9.87 minute reflection
DeBartolo Hall - a.k.a. DeBart, home of most of your classes 12 minute walk
DeBartolo Hall (winter) 6 minute sprint
DeBartolo Hall (when you oversleep on an exam day) 4 minute gallop
Jordan Hall of Science pi minute amble
Coleman Morse Center - a.k.a. CoMo 10 minute jaunt
O'Shaughnessy Hall - a.k.a. O'Shag 5.6 minute saunter
The Bookstore - for all your shopping needs 16 minute hike
Carroll Hall Where's that?