Meet the Team

During Welcome Weekend (WW), there will be a team of fifteen enthusiastic ambassadors and two captains who will provide you with a helping hand and welcome you to your new home. They have plenty of fun events planned for your orientation weekend, and cannot wait to meet you all! Below, you can learn a little bit more about each of your WW ambassadors and captains If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them in these upcoming weeks!

Meet the Co-Captains!

Caitlyn C. 


Hey PEeps!  My name is Caitlyn and I am beyond excited to welcome you as one of your Welcome Weekend Co-Captains! I am a junior chemical engineer (we affectionately refer to ourselves as CHEGs) with an (intended) minor in engineering corporate practice.  I’m from the very small town of New Hope, Pennsylvania, which is about an hour north of Philadelphia. Last summer I had a blast studying abroad in London, and this summer I am working as an intern with GE Aviation in Long Island.

On campus I’m a loud and proud admissions tour guide, captain of the women’s club lacrosse team,  treasurer of the the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and (*drumroll please*) your very own STEM ambassador! This exorbitantly long list means I have practically perfected the art of functioning on pure caffeine. I have also established a definitive ranking system of the various coffee locales on campus, which I will be happy to share with you if you stop by room 829! I love running, traveling, chocolate, coffee (see above), my absolutely fantastic and hilarious roommate, any and everything red or Pyro related, and most of all, Notre Dame.  

I know moving away from home, starting college classes, finding new friends, experiencing different foods and sights and smells and everything in between can be very overwhelming and scary - trust me, I’ve been there. My decision to attend ND was rather last minute and stressful (I revoked my deposit from another school and submitted my ND deposit on May 1), but I absolutely love it here and have truly found my place in the ND and PE family. I can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me awith any questions or just to say hi!

God. Country. Notre Dame. PYROS <3


Christina S. 


Warm greetings, Pyros! I am Christina, a rising junior biology major from Willoughby Hills, Ohio (near Cleveland), and I am excited to journey with you as Welcome Weekend co-captain! Cartwheels, handkerchiefs, the Space Race, alliteration, composting, journaling, dorm dances, Forrest Gump, chickpeas, the writings of C.S. Lewis, the Smithsonian, my cousin's baby triplets, walks in the park, and the prospect of getting to know you are some things that bring me inordinate joy.

At school, I find joy in serving as a Girls on the Run coach, Basilica Eucharistic Minister, and  Compassionate Care in Medicine club secretary, and PE’s signature event (the Silent Night Silent Auction) co-commissioner. I am excited to be spending my 3rd year as a resident of the lovely 6B this year; come August, please feel free to stop by 644 to chat or admire our stunning view of the beautiful Golden Dome construction pit next to the dorm. In the meanwhile, I’m spending my summer enjoying nature, tending to a nascent garden, working at my local homemade ice cream store, and researching the legs of astronaut-mice at the Cleveland Clinic.

As you've surely heard, Notre Dame is a truly special school. My favorite part is the awesome community found in the ND Family; the pyros are a passionate and loving part of that family, and we can't wait for you to join us! Please know that you are in my prayers this summer as you prepare to embark on a new adventure. Remember, “If you are who you are meant to be, you’ll set the world on fire!”-St. Catherine of Siena

Meet the Ambassadors! 

Sarah D. 


Hello fellow Pyros! My name is Sarah and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring Catholic Social Tradition. I hail from Cincinnati, Ohio but have been fortunate enough to find a second home at Notre Dame on Mod Quad as part of the Pasquerilla East family. On campus I serve as a vice president for Notre Dame Right to Life, treasurer for Engineers Without Borders, a member of the Anchor Leadership program, and co-Service Commissioner for PE.

Things that bring joy to my life include (but are not limited to): Jesus, running, consuming obscene amounts of coffee, old movies (the less color, the better), theatre, hanging out in the 8th floor elevator lounge, farmers markets, promoting friendly relations with the Notre Dame squirrel community, and getting to know my fellow pyros!

I fell in love with Our Lady’s University this year, and I cannot wait to welcome you to campus as you find a home here under the dome. Please feel to stop by my room with any questions/concerns/jokes you may have, I look forward to meeting you!

Hiba K. 


Hey Pyros! Welcome to your new home. My name is Hiba and I’m from Tunisia, a small country on the Mediterranean coast. I am a rising sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering and possibly intending to minor in Industrial Design.

I love rock music and that probably explains all the bands tees you might see me wearing around. I also enjoy swimming, hiking, writing poetry and reading; Dan Brown is my number one.
My favorite things to do on campus are going to the gym, hanging out with my friends and working at Lafun (the student center). Another thing I can’t help but do is drinking ridiculously huge amounts of coffee.

Next year, I will be working as a Moneythink mentor teaching high school students about self-finance and volunteering in schools around South Bend. I will also be part of SWE ( the Society of Women Engineers) and will hopefully be able to join the Notre Dame Rocket Team.

When I first came to Notre Dame, I was terrified at the idea of having to live in a different country so far away from home. It might seem a little hard to make new friends and adjust to college lifestyle, classes and food. But it all works out so well. People at Notre Dame are very nice and welcoming and one can get help whenever they seek it.

I am incredibly excited to be welcoming you next fall to what have been and will always be a family for me. I hope you will get to love PE as much as I do. My roommates Jenna and Morgan are also ambassadors and we will be thrilled to have you in our quad (648) to talk about any and everything. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Lindsey M. 


Hey Pyros!  My name is Lindsey and I'm a junior from West Des Moines, IA.  I am majoring in piano performance with a supplementary major in math.  I am involved in the Right to Life club, ND Vision, PEMCo, and this year I am serving as one of the spirituality commissioners for PE.  I absolutely love music, coffee, and Iowa, so if any of you want to talk about any of those, come to me!

I am so excited that you will become a part of PE next year, and I can't wait to meet you all!  I have loved it here at Notre Dame, and I am so grateful that I am a part of the wonderful community of PE.  I have made so many incredible friends here and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  If you have questions about anything, feel free to email me. When you get to campus you should stop by my quad and say hi!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Catherine W.


Hi Pyros! I’m looking forward to meeting you! My name is Catherine, and I am a rising junior (yikes--I’m halfway through ND!) from St. Louis, MO. I am a biology major and a poverty studies minor. This minor is unique to Notre Dame—I decided to pursue it after completing a Summer Service Learning Program last summer. I spent eight weeks living and volunteering at a home for the elderly poor in Mobile, AL, run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. This is one of many great opportunities through the Center for Social Concerns on campus. I’d love to talk to you about them sometime if you stop by my room: 820! I’d also love to talk to you about study abroad opportunities as I’m getting ready to leave for France in only a few days after writing this!

When I was a first-year, I walked on to the Women’s Varsity Rowing team. Being a part of this team is definitely time-consuming, but I have found it incredibly rewarding as well. When I’m not rowing, studying, or hanging out with friends, I can be found in the Coleman-Morse center (also known as CoMo) where Campus Ministry is located, participating in the Anchor Leadership program and helping lead first-year “Compass” faith groups. I also was on the Social Committee of PE’s Hall Council last year, and next year I will be splitting my time between this again in the fall and then help chair PE’s newest event, the So You Think You Can Sync? Lip Sync Battle in the spring.

As much as I love the extra cinderblock on the eighth floor of PE, what I love even more is the wonderful group of people that make up PE. I have found that the people at Notre Dame really make it the special place it is, and this is no less true in your new dorm for next year. I’m very excited to welcome you to PE in the fall! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Have a wonderful summer!

Katherine J. 


Hey Pyros!! Welcome to the hottest and most incredible dorm on campus. My name is Katharine, and I am a rising sophomore at Notre Dame. I am originally from Mount Pleasant, Michigan but now hail from the thriving metropolis that is Mod Quad. For all of freshman year and up until one week ago, I intended to major in international economics; however, I had a mid-summer crisis and am now thinking of majoring in economics and/or political science with a minor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)! Eventually, I would love to attend law school/get my Ph.D. and work with the United Nations in international development. (As a side note, I am writing this post from Cuenca, Ecuador for an internship and trip that was paid for by Notre Dame -- I highly recommend you look into their countless opportunities for international funding!)

On campus, you can find me spending a majority of my time with a fantastic co-ed a cappella group called Halftime (hence the microphone in my hand in the included picture), for which I serve as Secretary. I am incredibly passionate about the work of the Community Alliance to Serve Hispanics (C.A.S.H.), where I help tutor the Spanish speaking population of South Bend in English and am currently Vice-President of On-Campus Relations. I also work as a tour guide for the Office of Admissions and serve on its Reilly Student Committee. However, if I am not with any of these groups, I am probably running around campus, rock climbing in the (appropriately nicknamed) Rock, waiting patiently in line at the LaFun Starbucks, or standing dumbfounded in the middle of South Quad admiring the beauty of Notre Dame architecture.

The passion I feel for Notre Dame could never be described in a few paragraphs, so all I will say is that - after experiencing the adrenaline rush of football Saturday, the thrill of classes with the smartest people you have ever met, and the love enveloping this campus and its people - you will come to understand. I am inexplicably excited to get to know you all throughout Welcome Weekend, and feel free to email or visit me (and fellow commissioner Cecilia Pesavento) in room 623 if you have any questions!

Cecilia P. 


Hey Pyros! I hope you’re getting as excited to be here as we are to have you!

My name is Cecilia, and I’m from Columbus, Ohio (don’t worry though, I’m not a Buckeye fan either). This year I’m looking forward to making the move from the 8th floor to the 6th so I can share a quad with my three beautiful roommates (and save myself two flights of stairs 15 times a day!). I am currently pre-med through our Science Business program and am thinking about picking up a minor in Constitutional Studies—you’ll learn that majors are minors are always changing! Fun fact: the picture I included is me at my freshman orientation last year (in front of our trusty home, Pasquerilla East Hall), with my fabulous mother who was actually also a proud pyro and a member of PE’s first graduating class in 1984!

On campus, I sing at the 10am mass every Sunday in the Basilica’s Liturgical Choir (side note—auditions are during Welcome Weekend so if you’re interested, don’t miss the chance to sign up for one!), work as a student manager for the Notre Dame Track and Field team—go Irish!, engage in lively political discussions over bagels and coffee with the College Republicans and Democrats, and can be found running all over South Bend training for the Holy Half Marathon! Between all my classes and activities, I’m proud to say that I’m a reformed Netflix addict—there is too much excitement on campus at all times to watch an entire season in 24 hours (hard to believe, I know, but it really is true).

Like I said, I cannot wait to be back on campus with all of you, but until then you’ll find me cruising in my teal blue mini cooper, selling delicious pastries and baguettes at a French bakery, hiking, biking, running, swimming, and staying as active as possible, doing cardiovascular research at Ohio State University, and finally, hanging with one pretty cool Maryland congressman in Washington D.C.

I remember having a million questions a year ago, and never finding quite enough info or dorm pictures to satisfy my curiosity (What does the workout room look like? Will I be judged for bringing too much stuff? Is a mac or PC better?...etc, etc), so please, please, please feel free to add me on Facebook or email me and I would be more than happy to indulge in your questions.

Abby B. 


Hello, Pyros!! I am Abby, a rising junior here under the Dome. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business Administration, and am proud to call America’s Finest City – San Diego – my  home. Here at ND, I balance studying with participation in Co-Rec Sports and Rec Fitness Classes , ThriveND (the University Health and Wellness Committee), Swing Club, Right to Life Club, the Body Image and Eating Disorders Psychology lab, volunteering with Take Ten (a nonviolence curriculum program for students K-12) and Dream Teams (a program  in which I read to and spell with kindergarteners in South Bend), and other service opportunities. Fun facts about me are that I am  a yoga fanatic and avid runner, am related to Pocahantas,  love cooking and baking, and nowhere am I happier than at the beach, whether it be Coronado in San Diego or South Beach in Miami. I am lucky to live within the walls of Pasquerilla East because the community of amazing and strong women who surround me are an inspiration to me every single day and they motivate me to be my best self – spiritually, physically, academically, and emotionally. The PE community is my port in a storm, and I have been blessed with lifelong friendships and countless memories with these women whom I hold very dear to my heart.

I am thrilled about Welcome Weekend because I look forward to being part of the beginning of some of the most formative and life-changing years you will ever experience, and I hope to support you when WW has long passed. Notre Dame has so much to offer, and I want to make sure ND feels like home for you, just as it does for me.  

Jenna G. 

Salutations, new Pyros, and welcome to the #ModQuadSquad! I’m Jenna, and I’m a rising sophomore from the lovely, leafy suburb of Park Ridge, Illinois, about 5 minutes away from O’Hare. However, despite having lived in the Midwest for my entire life, I hate snow and cold with a burning passion, because I am weak and natural selection is coming for me. If you ever want to know about the warmest places on campus, please hit me up.

I am an honors math major, which entitles me to all the fun of being a math major, with the added bonus of never having to apply anything I do to the real world because I’m too busy reveling in the glory that is proof-writing. If any of y’all are feeling simultaneously brave and crazy and thinking about joining in on this adventure of a major, I’m always happy to talk about it! In theory, I will be doing a concentration in Life Science and minoring in Education, Schooling and Society (ESS); in practice I will be sitting on my favorite bench by the lakes wondering what I’m doing with my life. When I’m not struggling with quarter-life crises on the aforementioned bench, you can find me as a member of the Mock Trial and Quiz Bowl teams, a part of the Math Club, or as a volunteer math tutor for children in South Bend. My current obsessions include, but are not limited to, math, gymnastics (both doing and watching), Wuthering Heights, Minecraft, old reruns of Castle, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Currently, I am procrastinating the reliability testing work I’m supposed to be doing as an intern in the Cognition, Learning and Development Lab here on campus. As a math major spending her summer in a psych lab, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have here at Notre Dame to study and explore what I’m passionate about, even if those things don’t traditionally mesh. My favorite thing about PE is the 7th floor study lounge. My second-favorite thing about PE is the people--it’s so amazing to see such different girls be able to come together in this dorm. I cannot wait for Welcome Weekend to meet you all, and to get to know you beyond orientation. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email, and I’m sure my fellow Ambassadors/fab roomies Hiba and Morgan will agree with me when I say that the 648 quad is always open if you need anything. Have a stellar rest of the summer!

Shannon M. 


Hey Pyros! Welcome to Pasquerilla East Hall! My name is Shannon and I am going to be a sophomore this year majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I’m from Alton Bay, New Hampshire, but don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it (just know that NH is the one between Vermont and Maine). I enjoy hiking, drinking my body weight in coffee, strolling around our beautiful campus, creating Snapchat works of art, and making popcorn on the stove. You’re mostly likely to find me in the eighth floor elevator lounge (affectionately referred to as 8Bae elounge) or in North Dining Hall.

This past year, I played flag football, basketball, and soccer through interhall sports with the PE Pyros, and I’m proud to say that we made it to at least the semis in all three sports. I also participated in Notre Dame’s Habitat for Humanity where I got to build a home for a local family in South Bend during Fall Break and then travel down to help build houses in Florida during Spring Break. This summer, I’m studying abroad in London, which has been amazing (I’m writing this just before I head off to Barcelona for the weekend). Next year, I will be a TA for the Introduction to Engineering course, so I’ll see be seeing a lot of you new engineers both in the dorm and in the lovely Stinson Remick engineering building, conveniently located on the other side of campus.

I’m excited to welcome all of you into our Pyro family so that you too can experience everything that makes this university and our hall so great. Feel free to journey up to room 848 next year if you need anything.

Maddy G. 


Hey Pyros! Welcome to the best (and hottest) dorm at Notre Dame. My name is Maddy Good, and I am a Junior Chemical Engineering major from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (about 30 minutes North of Philadelphia). If you are considering a major in engineering, feel free to ask me questions! I will be living in 834 and can often be found in the 8th floor lounge—don’t be afraid to find me.

I love PE sports, the 8th floor, dogs, baked goods, Notre Dame, Matt & Kim, my family, the color purple, my high school (Mounties 5ever), and travelling—not necessarily in that order. This summer I have been studying in London and travelling throughout Europe with the Summer Engineering Study Abroad program (and fellow WW ambassador/8Bae member Shannon Meyer) and will be spending a lot of time babysitting when I get back to Jenkintown.

I am beyond excited to be a part of this year’s Welcome Weekend team, and I cannot wait to meet all of you. Notre Dame is an amazing place to be, and I hope you are excited to start here in August. The tradition and sense of community you will experience at ND is incredible. From Welcome Weekend to football weekends to dorm-life to visiting the Grotto, there is no place like Notre Dame (and no place I would rather go to school!).

If you have any questions (about PE or Notre Dame in general), you can add me on Facebook or email me. Hit me up! Welcome home!

Becca F. 


Sup Pyros – hope you’re having a bomb summer! My name is Becca, and I’m from Columbia, MD, which is just about halfway between Baltimore and DC. Although I love Maryland (especially the Orioles, our state flag, and the culinary blessing that is Old Bay), I can’t wait to come back to school and meet all of you!

I’m a sophomore Neuroscience and Behavior major with a minor in International Development Studies here at Notre Dame. A few things about me – I sing in and am a social commissioner for Notre Dame’s premier concert choir, the Chorale, I’m a Netflix fiend (although I try to tone that down during the school year cause studying), my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream, and last spring I shaved the side of my head on a whim (ask Shannon Meyer, a fellow Pyro and Welcome Weekend ambassador, about that craziness). It’s okay, I love my hair like this now. I’ll be living at the end of the 8B hallway, which I am so excited about, with my three lovely roommates. We are all very friendly and are almost always eating popcorn or homemade trail mix so feel free to come visit! Just keep strollin’ til you hit the staircase and that’s us.

There are so many things that I love about PE and Notre Dame – flag football, the people, sporting events, the spirit of compassion, the community, the weather…okay, I’m kidding about that last one. But in all seriousness, please feel free to add me on Facebook or email me with any questions, because I love talking about the place that we call home. Welcome to the Pyro family!

Morgan P. 


Hi Pyros! I’m Morgan, a rising sophomore here in PE, originally from Buffalo, New York, the one place I know that may actually get more snow than the Notre Dame campus!

As far as school goes, I love the life sciences, psychology, languages, and just the idea of learning in general, so I’m a Neuroscience and Behavior/Science Pre-Professional major with minors in Italian and Education Schooling and Society (ESS). What I hope to do with that long mumble jumble of curriculum is first study abroad in Italy, then after graduation become a teacher in the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) program for underprivileged Catholic schools, and finally when I’m old and gray become either a veterinarian or a neuropsychologist.


But what do I do when I’m not studying? Well, first of all, I’m known to sign up for practically every charity 5k on campus to make up for my high school cross country and track days that are no longer. Every week, I also tutored high school students for the SATs at TRiO Upward Bound and wrote articles for online “collegiette” blog Her Campus. In addition, I was an active member of Campus Ministry (I would highly recommend Freshman Retreat and Compass!) and dabbled in events with the Italian, Pre-Vet, Women’s Running, Gymnastics, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) clubs. If any of those activities sound fun, hit me up!


Odds are, at any given afternoon hour, you can find me baking something up in the dorm kitchen or running around the lakes. I may be the only person you’ll meet here who does not drink obscene amounts of coffee, but that’s only because I like a about a tablespoon of coffee with my cup of cream and sugar, aka Starbucks frappucinos. I’m obsessed with my dogs back home, strawberries and dark chocolate and practically anything sweet, cute romantic comedies, and working out late at night. I have a wide range of music interests, from Sam Hunt and Dierks Bentley in the country realm to Hoodie Allen and Macklemore in the rap world, not to mention other artists my DJ of a brother has introduced me to.


I’m a scatterbrain, always will be, and I have the squeaky high voice of a twelve year old. Translation: I’m probably more of a freshman than you are! So please, approach me with all your so-called stupid questions—I’ve probably asked them all. Stop by the 648 quad anytime! My quadmates/ fellow Ambassadors Jenna and Hiba will be more than happy to help with anything and everything you need! Except lighting matches...I’m ironically a pyrophobic.

Maddie H. 


Hey Pyros! Welcome to the world of Mod Quad, North Dining Hall, Grace Hall chicken wraps and some of the best girls you will ever meet. Hope you’re having an awesome summer and are getting pumped to make your way to South Bend in a few weeks! My name is Maddie and I’m an incoming sophomore Aerospace Engineer from the Lou, home of the redbirds, the arch, and Imos pizza (if you’re from St. Louis you know, and if not, you’ll never understand). While I have a lot of hometown pride, this past year, I found a great home and family at thee ole’ Notre Dame and especially in PE.

Like I said, I’m an Aerospace Engineer, and I’m hoping to pick up a Catholic Social Tradition minor. This summer, I was able to combine both of these while eating a ton of pizza and pasta, visiting an absurd amount of churches and trekking through some of the most beautiful places on Earth, during my six weeks in Rome with the engineering summer study abroad program (see picture above from Cinque Terre, Italy).  


On campus, I’m involved in PE hall council as an Athletic Commissioner, THRIVE (a student health and wellness group on campus), Running Club, Campus Ministry, the Society of Women Engineers, the GRC (Gender Relations Center), and the Right to Life Club. I also play almost all of PE’s interhall sports so start training now because we’re going to get some championships this year! Last year, I was also on the First Year Engineering Council and was a freshman commissioner for Hall Council.


When I’m not studying or in meetings, you’ll find me running all around campus and South Bend, making fun meals at North Dining Hall, hammocking in my Eno, getting free apparel and food at campus events, or hanging out in 8A in my quad at the end of the hall. I have a weird obsession with pumpkin flavored foods, kale, chacos, flannels, and dancing at every possible chance. Unlike many people, I am the first person in my family to attend ND, but I oddly love knowing random facts and answering people’s questions about campus so feel free to come to me for anything.


While I can’t possibly put my love for Notre Dame into words, I can say that this school has exceeded nearly all of my expectations. It is impossible not to feel the truly infectious sense of spirit, pride and community when walking around campus, going to class, attending football games, sitting at a dorm mass, or just hanging out with friends. I cannot wait for you all to come to campus and experience this amazing place. Please friend me on facebook or email me any questions you have, because I would love to help you out with anything you need! And once you’re on campus, don’t be afraid to make the trek to my quad at the end of the 8A hallway. My roommates and I would love to you have you!  

Roxana R. 


Hi fellow pyros! My name is Roxana, and I am a rising sophomore from Saint Peters, Missouri. During the school year you will find me in the triple in 6B, feel free to stop by at any time. I am a Science Preprofessional major with a double major in French and a minor in Latino Studies. One of my favorite clubs is the Community Alliance to Serve Hispanics (C.A.S.H) where I help adults in the South Bend community learn English. I’m also involved in the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy (S.C.I.A). If you want to know more about either club, don’t hesitate to ask!

On campus you are likely to find me in LaFun trying to decide between a chocolate or a mint chip milkshake. You might also see me around in the lounge enjoying coffee while attempting to get work done (I’m definitely a night owl). One of my favorite activities is to read a great book or to watch movies with friends who love me despite my bad habit of talking during movies (the popcorn I provide might influence that).

I'm definitely thankful to be a part of this amazing university. Although there were tough moments along the way, I made incredible friendships and learned a lot about myself. I know that I had many questions before I came to campus and even more once I arrived. I would love to answer your questions and get to know you more. Add me on Facebook and message me, email me, or stop by my room - whatever you prefer! Welcome to the family!

Molly B. 


Hey Pyros, welcome to PE! I’m a rising junior here at the best of the Pasquerillas. I come from the lovely and vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri so, yes, I am a Cardinals fan. I try not to be too obnoxious about it though, and I still love the Fighting Irish even more than I love the Redbirds. At school, I’m double majoring in political science and history and minoring in Italian studies, which means you’ll most likely find me in O’Shag or the library trying desperately to keep up with my readings/papers/etc. In my two years here, I’ve been a dorm senator, a halfhearted boxer, a member of the Honors Program, and a tutor (first for the Learning Resource Center then the Writing Center). I like coffee (a LOT), J.W. Chen’s in South Bend, spy flicks, books by Madeleine L’Engle, baking, coloring, PBS travel shows, Mod Quad (it has a certain charm), NDH paninis, and everything about Pasquerilla East Hall.

Being a Pyro has been one of the best parts of my Notre Dame experience. It is a true joy and a blessing to get to know the rector, RA’s, AR’s, and Pyros at large in all their quirky, caring glory. My favorite ND memories – like baking three dozen mini cheesecakes, “studying” out by the sand volleyball court, or watching countless Parks and Rec episodes with my roommates – have been profoundly shaped by the wonderful PE community. I’m so excited to meet and get to know all of you new members in our Pyro family! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re feeling excited or overwhelmed or just plain curious (Incentive: I have made a hobby of locating free coffee sources on campus so if nothing else, ask me about that). See you all soon!!!